Villa Centofinestre was built at the beginning of the 18th century as the country residence of the Accorretti family. Through marriage, it later became the property of the Count Carradori, who, at the end of the century, decided to renovate and enlarge it. The restoration was undertaken by architect Pietro Ghinelli of the Van Wittel school.

The simplicity of the neo classic architecture of the villa is a prefect example of the essence of the attic style. The frescoed ceilings include vistas of the surrounding landscape. The decoration of the walls are reminiscent of the neoclassicism of scenes that were found in the excavations of Pompei at the time.
The characteristic of the scenery of the villa which is depicted in the frescoes and reflected in the garden theatre as well as the park, is the theme playfulness from which the villa derives its original name “Casino di Delizie” (House of Joyfulness).

The vast park, totally created for the pleasure of the guests, is divided into the garden theatre surrounded by cypress trees, the terraced Italian gardens, the pools, and romantic paths leading to areas of play. Moreover, the park also includes a hunting lodge, gazebos, porches, tea rooms, greenhouses, bushes enhanced by kiosks and marble statues. All in the purest Arcadian style.

After more than fifty years of neglect, Marquess Antonella Rangoni Machiavelli, has recently restored the whole complex to its ancient splendour.


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